Why Sterilise?

Healthy people are your biggest assets

Exec in meeting

Sick people can’t buy. They can’t spend. They’re too busy being sick. Which makes sterilising against germs absolutely crucial. Because healthy people are the fuel of success. They need protection.

All well and good, but we’re constantly surrounded by bacteria – our bodies are 50% made of them too. Bacteria are vital to digestion and managing our immune systems – a whole cloud of them follow us wherever we go.Tiger eye

But the wrong bacteria in the wrong place are lethal. Sure, medicines can save us – but the best defence is to avoid germs in the first place. Which makes sterilising a bit like cleaning our teeth. And sterilising with hydrogen peroxide is the best method there is. A powerful tiger watching over us. Hunting germs every day so we’re never threatened.

Safe and sterile is investing in yourself

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