Why “Safenise”?

Healthy people are your biggest assets

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Sick people can’t buy. They can’t spend. They’re too busy being sick. Which makes sterilising against germs – what we call “safenising” – absolutely crucial. Because healthy people are the fuel of success. They need protection.

All well and good, but we’re constantly surrounded by bacteria – our bodies are 50% made of them too. Bacteria are vital to digestion and managing our immune systems – a whole cloud of them follow us wherever we go.Tiger eye

But the wrong bacteria in the wrong place are lethal. Sure, medicines can save us – but the best defence is to avoid germs in the first place. Which makes safenising a bit like cleaning our teeth. And safenising with hydrogen peroxide is the best method there is. A powerful tiger watching over us. Hunting germs every day so we’re never threatened.

Safenised surroundings are investing in yourself

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