Getting into action

Your assurance of safe and germ-free surroundings

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Cleaning everything down is not the job. Making the place safe is. So anything we propose will not just treat surfaces. It will process the air as well – the stuff we breathe – around 80% of any room space, and the one vital area that most procedures don’t even touch.

Airborne, non-toxic, non-corrosive and fast-acting

And here’s why insurance is a must. Getting rid of germs means killing them – so the agents used to do it need care. Bleach for example needs to be concentrated to work. It’s corrosive – and the smell! Ultra violet is good but works by direct exposure – shadow areas remain untreated. Steam needs extended contact time to do the job. And hydrogen peroxide? About the most effective, but it too corrodes sensitive materials unless carefully controlled.

A thorough job of it

Germs can spread everywhere, so treatment needs to reach everywhere too. The underside of desks and consoles, behind cabinets, in the tangle of wires on the floor, in light fittings. Whatever the procedure, it needs to disperse and work 100% to keep you safe.

Effective protection against all germ types

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