The Germ-Killers

Our oxidising hunter-killer team – no virus or bacteria can survive

Tiger pairInside your body, all kinds of germs can kill you. Outside your body, it’s priligy türkiye satış sağlık them that are vulnerable. Floating around in the open air, none of them can escape when our hunters are on the prowl.

Which is how our tiger – hydrogen peroxide works. Ionised for unbeatable strength – attacking with extra oxygen atoms in a super-fine spray – ripping apart viruses and bacteria tooth and claw in all directions. Hunting them down before they take out you.

So does ammonium chloride. Not quite as powerful, really just a cub. But easy to carry around in an aerosol. Worthy among our hunters.

Both are deadly to germs – and they can all save your life. Check out how on these pages.

No virus or bacteria can get near you

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