The Germ-free Delivery

Big TruckNo trace of virus or bacteria –
reassuringly sterile, clean across the  supply chain No chance of any health comebacks either. With every supply facility sterilised regularly – warehouses, vehicles and stores thermselves –  customers are assured of safe surroundings. No germs, no smells – just wholesome, sterile freshness.Shopping Mum

Buildings are best targeted by misting up with hydrogen peroxide using our automatic Hypersteriliser. The mild 6% airborne solution is harmless to foodstuffs, but some regulations may preclude allowing direct contact.

Vehicles can be treated with the same units, easily accessed with the Hypersteriliser by tail-lift or loading dock. No problem with backfill operations either. Every step is safe.

Smaller vehicles and tight spaces are easier to process with our hand-held units, or our ammonium chloride aerosols – always handy to have around for eventualities.

Sterile shopping areas – greater customer confidence

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