Sterile Protects Income

Just how effective is this sterilising business anyway?

Ready for operating theatreYou can actually measure it. The hydrogen peroxide mist from our automatic Hypersteriliser has a Sterility Assurance Level of Log 6. That is 1,000,000 times reduction in the number of pathenogenic microbes present – less than one in a million.

Stack that up against the 10 million germs on the average desk, or the bacteria found on most supermarket trolleys, and you have yourself significant germ defence.Hypersafe Seal

Because exposing anyone – customer or employee – can put anyone out of business overnight.

Telling everyone the place is sterilised however, has the opposite effect. You’re instantly more competitive – able to command a premium price. You’re not only saving money, but MAKING money too.

Relax, you and your money are safe – no germs can get you

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