Safe & Sure

Prevention is your best insurance

Exec in meeting

You can’t catch coronavirus if it’s not there. Or any other germ that might be hazardous. Which is why our promise for you is as near 100% germ elimination as we can get.

All procedures work – some better than others

All situations are different, so choosing the right system is a trade-off. A quick blip between sessions – like a doctor’s or dentist’s surgery for instance – would need to be more thorough for a classroom or hotel bedroom. Then there’s the questions. How long does it take? How often should it be done? What safety measures might be necessary?

No germs exec

On-going service and support

Plus of course, getting rid of germs is never a one-off. Most applications need regular repeat sessions to maintain a safe germ-free environment. Which means part of our service is an on-going partnership with you – ensuring you’re topped-up and running smoothly, safe and secure.

Choosing the best ensures no germs to catch

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