Safe against Superbugs

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Sure, reliable protection against our next pandemic

Superbugs are every hospital’s nightmare. Unless they’re stopped BEFORE they infect anyone. Sure, deep cleans are good, but many superbugs need something more, especially when repeat cleans don’t get rid of them.

Antibiotic resistance – effective hygiene defence

Right now, ALL antibiotics are failing against superbugs. Bacteria have been around for millions of years – the world’s most successful survivors – and they always win. Not feeling wellWhich makes hiking up hygiene levels our most effective defence. Handwashing and PPE showed us that with coronavirus. And how much more safe can we be if there’s NO GERMS at all? Any day now, ensuring our surroundings are germ-free will be the norm.

Prevention better than cure

Simple really. Get rid of germs and we don’t get ill. And if we’re not ill, we don’t need antibiotics – which aren’t working anyway. Germ-free is the world’s new way to keep safe

Germ-free – your effective insurance against superbugs

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