Plus-performance plasma

Ionised hydrogen peroxide – from sleeping pussy-cat to super-efficient germ predator Tiger sleeping2That’s no ordinary mist of hydrogen peroxide. As it whooshes out, a high-energy ionising force transforms it, changing its state from vapour to plasma – an actively-charged dynamic new super-substance.Plasma 4th state

A whole slew of extra antimicrobials is released – hydroxyl radicals, reactive oxygen species, reactive nitrogen species, ozone and ultraviolet.

Their particles disperse rapidly – each statically charged, forcing them to escape each other – up, out, underneath, behind – deep into cracks and crevices.

As they do this, these same particles reach out and grab oppositely charged viruses and bacteria, tearing them apart by oxidising. The germs die. The plasma dissipates into eco-friendly nothing. Bye-bye germs, bye-bye pussy-cat.

Safe, low temperature plasma room steriliser

Achieves 6-Log Sterility Assurance Level – 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria destroyed

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