Hypersteriliser up close

Sterilising plasma-charged dispersal – actively forced into inaccessible spaces

Halo Hype Panel_s like it At-a-glance Hypersteriliser specifications:


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From WestWon

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  • Solid state electronic control
  • Generates ionised hydrogen peroxide plasma mist
  • Proprietary nozzle and compressed air system
  • Mist particle size 5-10 microns
  • Dimensions 336 x 470 x 1,160 mm
  • Weight 20kg
  • Power 220V
  • Sterilising fluid capacity 7.5 litres
  • Narrow body for easy access through doors, vehicle gangways, aircraft aisles; safety delay start; door sensor; fluid level indicator; status indicator light; internal splash guard; shock-resistant chassis; reservoir drain facility for shipping; large-wheel manoeuvrability

Achieves 6-Log Sterility Assurance Level – EU Biocide Article 95 Compliant

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