Hydrogen peroxide: why it works

Tiger busAll-round reach and germ-snatching grab

women dating after 50 Germs are everywhere. So whatever you use to get rid of them must REACH everywhere. Which normal cleaning just cannot.Germ magnet Even most deep cleans only treat horizontal surfaces – floor, tables tops, counters, etc – very seldom UNDER, BEHIND, or ON TOP of things.

But the sleeping tiger of ionised hydrogen peroxide mist is FORCED everywhere by electrostatic charge. It disperses in all directions – driven apart the same as like-poled magnets.

Its particles fill the whole air space. Pushing hard up against all surfaces, including walls and ceilings. Probing deep into cracks and crevices. For instance, in a double-decker bus, reaching all of the top deck as well. Like we said – EVERYWHERE.

And that same electrostatic charge attracts germs like a magnet. Pounces on them and claws them to pieces. All of them – until there’s none left. The place is sterile – and safe.

You can’t catch a bug if it isn’t there

Achieves 6-Log Sterility Assurance Level – EU Biocide Article 95 Compliant

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