Hydrogen Peroxide

No germ comes back from being clobbered with oxygen

http://radiovallekas.org/169521-dts54756-barlovento-gay-dating.html Figure behind frosted glassA super-oxidiser, that’s what hydrogen peroxide is. A Nineteenth Century germ-fighter, souped-up through this Hypersteriliser into a Twenty-First Century high performance gas plasma. A prowling tiger, waiting to be unleashed.

Ionised into a super-fine spray, it mists up a room in seconds – “whooshing” up and out – through the Halo Hypersteriliser ONair, underneath and inside things, deep into cracks and crevices – places that ordinary cleaning just never gets to.

Its charged electrons attract it to viruses and bacteria. It releases its oxygen, ripping them apart – tiny amounts of colloidal silver boosting its performance to double and triple effectiveness.

All that’s left is water – and a microscopically thin layer of germ-resistant silver. So little water that it evaporates before it touches anything – like a dry spray – safe on keyboards and connections.

Check it out, the whole place is sterile

Achieves 6-Log Sterility Assurance Level – EU Biocide Article 95 Compliant

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