Hydrogen peroxide sterilising liquid

Whole room sterilising of all surfaces and air spaces

conocer gente por santa cruz Hyper-6 5-litre bottleThis Hyper-6 “Whoosh” hydrogen peroxide solution is an environment friendly substance – stabilised and boosted with silver for greatly improved effectiveness against micro-organisms. Remaining silver traces on treated surfaces are not visible and non toxic, yet efficiently inhibit renewed contamination.

The elemental oxygen separated by the hydrogen peroxide attacks the cell walls of micro-organisms directly. This causes the cell wall molecules to be de-natured and destroyed. The silver ions intensify this action, further inactivating cell proteins.Hydrogen peroxide molecule

Effectiveness: Bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi
Contact time: 1 – 60 min.
Shelf life: 2 years
Active ingredients: 5% Hydrogen peroxide, 0.005% silver
Safety Precautions: (R and S Phrases) R36, S2, S3, S17, S23, S46, S51
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6-Log Stability Assurance Level – EU Biocide Article 95 Compliant, EPA Reg. No. 84526-6

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