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Levanto rechargeable battery-powered ULV backpack mister


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From WestWon

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*Best atomisation, flow rate 0-18L/h, VMD 5-25 microns adjustable for coverage up to 200 m² in less 1 minute.
*Precision flow rate and control, droplet size optimised for ULV/residual spraying.
*Adjustable for close or distant spraying.
*LED controls for motor speed, spraying time, automatic start/stop.
*Rechargeable lithium battery – upgradable to 3 hour operation.
Electrical motor: 450W, 24V, DC brushless
Nozzle: long distance spray swirl type
Liquid flow rate: 0-18 L/h, adjustable
Tank capacity: 5 L
Dimensions: 490 x 260 x 530 mm
Weight: 12.8 Kg

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