Goodbye Smell Costs

You’re back in business – and in good odour

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Ugh, smells! People run a mile, customers stop coming, employees quit in droves – nobody wants to know.

Yet one easy press-button is all it takes. The one on top of this aerosol steriliser. The one that gets rid of the stink.

Shut the windows and door, press the button – and get out of Dodge. Ten minutes and it’s fresh again. Not like an air freshener, which only masks the smell.

But kill the germs and the problem is gone – thankfully replaced by a pleasant, lemony zest. Proof from your nose that the air is safe.

So where do the germs go? To oblivion. Knocked out by the oxidising power of ammonium chloride. Not quite as powerful as hydrogen peroxide – but a good back-up or quick-fix. The push-button life-saver.

Keep a can handy, and you’ll never have to live with bad smells again.

Ah success, and the sweet smell of money!

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