Goodbye Liability Costs

“Safenised” clinics reduce cross-infections – avoid pesky claims by patients or staff

rencontre femme en haute saone Doctor with stethoscope
Happens easily, doesn’t it? A waiting room full of coughs and sneezes – somebody goes down with something. Your fault, right? Not if we can help it.

Of course some patients may bring infections with them. But they’re easier to contain when the threshold is germ-free. Whatever bug they’ve got finds it harder to get traction.Safenised Safe to Breathe

Not that others can’t catch it, but there’s less of a chance that they will. And if any pathogens are lurking round at the end of the day, the hydrogen peroxide will take care of it – oxidise it to nothing so everyone’s safe.

Plus it’s a lot easier to treat aches and pains without the worry of possible infection. Especially when so many bugs are now resistant to antibiotics. Medicine’s challenging enough without having to go back 100 years and do it the hard way.

If there aren’t any germs, nobody can catch them – or sue you

Achieves 6-Log Sterility Assurance Level – 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria destroyed

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