Germs & Business

Different transport typesVirus and bacteria stowaways are the death of business

citas con chicas campillos Germs don’t carry passports – or valid tickets. They don’t care where they travel, or who they infect. Yet modern transport can get them to the other side of the world in hours.

And no-one ever knows about these invisible hitch-hikers. Cargo areas get regularly cleaned but seldom sterilised. Too specialist and too expensive – until now. But one bug in a supply chain can start a whole epidemic.Man with empty wallet

Salmonella alone can cause a shutdown by law – with legal actions for damages left, right and centre. Not worth the risk when a ten-minute whoosh with hydrogen peroxide can eliminate the problem completely. So keep your business running safe and clean, as if nothing has ever happened.

Read how on these pages – and keep your business safe from disaster.

Don’t let germs hold your business to ransom

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