Ebola – Hypersteriliser security

The super-mist protector

Relieved womanThis Hypersteriliser automatically ionises and releases a super-fine mist of hydrogen peroxide. The mist rises and penetrates everywhere – so fine, that only one ounce per hour is needed.Halo Hypersteriliser ON

The microscopic particles hold a static charge that actively seeks and grabs hold of viruses like Ebola and other harmful bacteria. Oxygen atoms are released that rip their cell structure apart. Microorganisms are destroyed to a 6-Log Sterility Assurance Level – 99.9999% of germs eliminated.

You’ll need to do it every day of course. We all carry germs, so anyone who enters will bring more with them. Easy-peasy to do though – and for less than £5 a time, you’re safe.

No Ebola – the place is sterile

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