Crisis Hotline

Red beaconRescue Service On-Site Within 24 Hours

It’s happened, it’s serious, you have an outbreak. Or worse, a bioterrorist attack. Anthrax, smallpox, norovirus, flu, legionnaire’s disease – you need action NOW.

Relax, our germ-fighter call-out team can be with you anywhere in mainland UK within 24 hours. They will isolate the scene and make it safe – destroying all viruses, bacteria, fungi and mould with ionised hydrogen peroxide.iPhone

Just call 07776 451222. If the number’s busy or not immediately answered, send a text with your name, your contact number, your location and nature of the outbreak.

Please make sure you actually speak to us. We need to know if specialist equipment or expertise is required. In the meantime, secure the area, keep all people away, and if possible lock the premises.

Note that our service only secures immediate germ-free sterility. Any underlying or lasting conditions that remain untreated may cause relapses to occur.

We make germs dead, so you can be safe

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