Coronavirus COVID-19 Protection Anxious woman in mask

Hazmat with COVID-19 sign

Can I be safe from a world-wide pandemic like this?

Yes, you can. You can prevent all kinds of infection getting to you. By making the room you are in “safenised” – completely free of viruses and bacteria before you enter. If there are no viruses – and COVID-19 is a virus – no germ can touch you.

Please note though, this will not cure you of Coronavirus if you already have it – or if you come directly into contact with someone who has.

You have two choices: a quick, now-now aerosol method, which takes about 20 minutes. Or a thorough mist-up of the room by automatic Hypersteriliser, which takes about the same time. Both will make your room sterile, to different levels of effectiveness.

Don’t take chances – Coronavirus is dangerous

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