Coronavirus aerosol protection Aerosol in action

The press-button life-saver

Relieved womanThis 8-ounce can is enough to do a standard-size room and handy enough for briefcase or handbag. A 3-ounce can is also available.

Put it in the middle of the room, shut the windows and doors, press the button – and leave. It releases a fine mist of ammonium chloride which kills viruses like COVID-19 – the coronavirus – as well as harmful bacteria, by oxidising their cells to destruction. A 4-Log Sterility Assurance Level – 99.99% of germs gone.

After around 20 minutes, you can re-enter. You’ll notice a light lemony zest – any smell from germs is gone. So are the germs themselves. Coronavirus can’t get you if it isn’t there.

To keep the room “safenised”, you’ll need to re-mist every day. We all carry microorganisms around with us, so it’s like brushing your teeth – regular use ensures protection.

Germs gone – no Coronavirus

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