Ammonium Chloride

Keep it handy – the germ-killing go-anywhere aerosol

Girl with face maskIt’s just an 8-ounce can, but it will do your whole office. Or the kitchen, your hotel bedroom, or a decent-sAerosol on deskized classroom.

Close the windows, shut the door, press the button and get out of there. Ten minutes should do it. The whole room sterilised for under a tenner.

And you can tell it’s worked because there are no smells – except a pleasant hint of lemon. All germs are gone, destroyed by oxidising – the one condition no virus or bacteria can survive.

In your briefcase or your overnight bag, keep a can handy wherever you go. No more coming down with the bugs everyone else seems to get. Ammonium chloride takes them out, easy.

It’s a press-button life-saver

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