Hunt down workplace germs that cause illness costs

Tiger ProwlingProwling TigerMeet your new partner. Ruthless at hunting out and preying on germs. Those unseen microscopic threats that business experts PwC reckon cost us £29 BILLION a year – around £450 each for every man, woman and child in UK.

Plus the 10 TIMES MORE that’s lost through being unwell at work. MIstakes, missed deadlines, lost customers. AND illnesses circulating on to others. Monumental costs that take a natural germ predator to tame.

Our sleeping tiger of hydrogen peroxide. A pussy-cat until activated. By the button on our mobile Hypersteriliser unit – transforming it into a super-effective precision germ-killer.

40 minutes – all ambient viruses and bacteria are gone. Made safe and sterile by our stalking tiger. Unwell costs slashed, productivity boosted. “Germonomics” in action – and a roar of approval from staff and customers.

Money worth saving – AND a tiger for protection.
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